Sales and Stock Management System Project

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      The Sales and Stock Management System project aims to develop a comprehensive software application that allows businesses to effectively manage their sales operations and track inventory levels. The system provides functionalities for managing product sales, monitoring stock levels, generating reports, and facilitating efficient inventory management.

Features of Sales and Stock Management System Project:

    1. Brand Management:

          - Add, edit, and delete brand information.

    2. Category Management:

       - Add, edit, and delete category information.

    3. Item Management:

      - Add, edit, and delete product information such as name, model no, category, price, and stock quantity.

    4.  Sales Order Processing:

      - Create sales orders by selecting products, specifying quantities, and Calculating the total order value, including taxes and discounts.

     - Invoice Generation

   5. Sales Report

    - Generate Monthly and Yearly sales report.

  Technology Stack:

      - Programming Language: PHP

      - Framework: Slim

      - Database: MySQL

      - Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

     - Additional Libraries/Frameworks: Bootstrap, jQuery

Download the sales and stock project zip file from the below link ($8 only)

Note: Installation support will be provided from our end

For installation support contact us at:

Project Demo


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